Automatic Power Bilge System Thrasher V3

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The automatic power bilge system is designed to replace your stock power bilge system in your Thrasher V3.  This system frees up a channel on your controller and allows you to run your Thrasher without needing to be concerned with whether or not the bilge should be turned on our off because it includes an onboard controller that does all of this for you.  This is a one of a kind advancement for RC boating.  Designed to bolt on and plug into all Thrasher V3 Jet Boats.  This bilge pump system utilizes a unique waterproof control module that senses if your RC boat is rightside up or upside down before it will trigger the bilge pump if water is sensed inside the boat.  All controls, brackets, and wiring is included.  There is no wiring or soldering required.  This is a bolt on and plug in system.  No additional channel is required.  This is a fully automatic system. 

The advantage of this system over the stock power bilge is that it is automatic, and it frees up a channel on your controller - everything else about this system is the same as the stock system

The tradeoff of this system is that it adds 56 grams to your Thrasher V3

Check out this demonstration video:

How to install in a Thrasher V3:

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