Thrasher V3 Sponson Kit

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Comes with everything needed to install hull leveling sponsons on your Thrasher V3.  Kit includes sponson mounts, sponsons, a drill template, and mounting hardware.  Sponsons level your Thrasher's hull in turns.  If you like the classic lean of a v-hull, then sponsons are not recommended, however, if attaining the next level of precision control is what you are after, then this sponson kit may be right for you.

The advantage of this hull modification is that your hull will ride more level than without sponson fins.  Reducing lean and keeping the hull more consistently level provides more control to the pilot especially when at top speeds on plane.

The tradoff of this hull modification is you will lose the classic lean of a V-hull.  Without sponsons, tight power turns can be made into submarines with practice, but the leveling effect of sponsons will make this maneuver difficult.  Some also find that a leaning hull is more exciting to pilot as well, so give consideration to these tradeoffs before purchasing and making this hull modification

Take a look at this installation video:  


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