100% of the August Thrashers have been shipped!

I am very excited to announce that the second major production objective has been accomplished on schedule; we have shipped all of the planned August boats before the end of August! This is another major accomplishment and I am very proud of our team for all of their hard work to ensure that we got this done on time for our backers! If you are one of our backers with an estimated date of August, your Thrasher has been shipped! This month added a new challenge for our team with over 2x as many boats to manufacture at our Liberty Lake, WA facility and international shipments were added in for the first time.  In addition to many USA shipments, we also sent Thrashers to Canada, Australia, and Dubai this month!  This is very exciting and we cannot wait to see videos and comments coming in from backers (from around the world!) about how they are enjoying their new Thrasher Jet Boat. This has all been made possible through the support of our backers; and for this we are sincerely grateful!

Thank you!

Scott Pennestri