The quick answer: These are the batteries that we recommend to realize the highest level of  all around performance from your Thrasher Jet Boat:

  • Thrasher V1, V2, V3, and Thrasher 27 XP: MaxAmps 5450 6s
  • Thrasher 27 LR: MaxAmps 9000 4s

More information for a customized solution:

If you chose to go a more custom route for cost or other reasons, the following information is to help you select a battery specifically for how you want to run your Thrasher Jet Boat.  The following two charts show the range of battery sizes that a Thrasher can hold and the likely capacity that each battery, based upon voltage and size, will have.  The higher the voltage, between 7.4 and 22.2 volts, the faster the speed of the boat and the higher the mAh the longer the boat will run on a single charge.  Example batteries listed are from MaxAmps.  These are the batteries that we recommend.  Many other manufactures' batteries can be used as well, but dimensions and specs will vary. You will need a female XT90 connector installed on your battery in order to connect to your Thrasher.



Thrasher Compatible Battery Size: 

Dimension Minimum Maximum
Length 80 170
Width 45 52
Height 30 52


Thrasher Compatible Battery Voltage and Capacity:

Voltage Cells mAh mass (g) Example Battery - MaxAmps
22.2 6s 5450 693 5450 6s
18.5 5s 6000 665 6000XL 5s
14.8 4s 9000 804 9000 4s
11.1 3s 12000 792 12000XL 3s
7.4 2s 16000 672 16000 2s