About Thrasher Jet Boats

Our Mission is to create high quality rugged RC Jet boats that can be run in nearly all water conditions.

Thrasher is arguably the most versatile RC jet boat ever created.  Streamline RC has put years of research and development into creating the most rugged and maneuverable jet boat available anywhere.  Our patent pending jet drive system utilizes a purpose designed and built motor that combines the motor shaft and jet drive shaft into one balanced system.   A hydrostatic polymer bearing supports the tail end of this unique drive system for nearly maintenance free, balanced, high RPM performance year after year.  Oversized stainless steel front and rear motor bearings finish out this continuous duty cycle1100W brushless drive system.  To support the power and resulting beating that this 12lbf thrust drive system can put on a hull, we have developed a three part hull system that can take some real punishment and allow for the bottom hull and the top deck, as well as the hatch, to be replaced independently.  The multi piece hull also allows for easy access to all components for trouble free deep overhaul maintenance or restoration work, while regular annual maintenance and upgrades can be mostly done from outside the hull.  V3 introduces protective replaceable "skins" with the introduction of "Bow armor" and the "Exokeel".  These new additions to V3 allow for affordable replacement of the high wear area of the hull from stem to stern.  Also new to the V3, is our new pump system which allows for all pump maintenance, upgrades, and repairs to be performed outside the hull from the stern; greatly simplifying any work needed on your Thrasher.  Finally, Thrasher V3 offers 5 different graphics kits.  These kits are extremely high quality and easy to install.   These high-quality vinyl kits allow you to choose your favorite color scheme, and renew the look of your Thrasher as often as you like.  With all of these features, Thrasher V3, will give the highest performance possible, easy maintenance, and an awesome look year after year.  

White water / Shallow water / Rough water
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