What type of batteries will I need to purchase for my Thrasher?

A: You will need a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery from as small as 2s (2 cells) to as large as 6s (6 cells).  Each cell outputs 3.7 volts, so the number of cells will determine your maximum top speed.  We have designed in a very simple but functional battery strap system that will allow a wide range of battery sizes to be compatible with Thrasher.  As long as your battery is equal to or less than the following limits it will be a great fit for Thrasher:  Max battery length = 170mm, max battery width of 52mm, and a max battery height of 52mm, and a maximum weight of 800 grams.  Your battery will need to have an XT90 connector (XT60 connector for purchases prior to May 26th, 2019) .  Your batteries mAH rating is the its capacity rating in milli amp hours.  This rating will rating will determine how long your battery will last at a given current draw in amps.  We recommend between 4000 mAH and 6000 mAH for Thrasher.  Your C rating is a rating of how fast your battery can discharge safely.  Be sure that you use a 50C or higher rated battery for Thrasher.  The higher the C rating the less your battery will work, meaning you will get more years from the life of your battery.

How fast is Thrasher?

A: Thrasher is not designed to be fast as much as it is designed to be extremely rugged, versatile, and fun to operate.  Different than a prop boat, Thrasher's jet drive unit is designed to pressurize the thrust nozzle to create as much thrust as possible.  This creates an exciting driving experience through incredible acceleration and ability to navigate difficult water ways.  

Can Thrasher really self right itself?

A:  Yes, we have designed Thrasher to turn itself back over within 1 minute, and it usually takes less time than that.  After Thrasher rolls itself back over, the power bilge that will pump this water out of Thrasher so that you can continue to pilot your Thrasher without returning to shore.