Thrasher LR 27" Jet Boat - WOC - Only $499

What will I receive for my purchase?

  • A Thrasher continuous duty 1000W rugged RC Jet Boat that is ready to run right out of the box!
  • Streamline RC's Exclusive Self-Righting System
    • Every RC boat intended to be used on a river must have quick reliable self-righting.
    • Reliable, rapid, no throttle, self-righting every time
  • Vacuum Bilge
    • Another must have for any serious RC Jet Boat is a bilge system
    • Powerful vacuum bilge that works from the strong vacuum of our exclusive Streamline RC patented Jet Pump
  • Bow Armor
    • Protects bow section 
    • Replaceable
  • Exokeel
    • Protects from Bow Armor to Stern
    • Replaceable
    • Adds additional structure for hard impacts and big air landings
  • Nose Protector
    • Protect nose from those hard head on impacts
    • Replaceable
  • Waterproof components throughout
    • ESC - sealed for watertight performance
    • Steering Servo – Full size, metal gear, bearings, high torque 
  • Fixed Cavitation Plates
    • Provide unmatched hookup and nearly eliminate porpoising

What is not included that I will need to run my new Thrasher LR 27?

  • A battery of your choice from 2s to 4s Lipo  - See our Batteries page
  • A charger for your battery
  • A radio system with a waterproof receiver