Thrasher 27" Jet Boat Options

Find all the options that we offer for your Thrasher 27" Jet Boat here.  Unlike many RC companies, Streamline RC does not offer upgrades because we take great pride in the performance of our products and expect performance for our customers right out of the box.  The following options are offered to allow personalized configuration of your Thrasher Jet Boat to your specific interest.  Options are not necessarily an improvement of the product unless it moves the performance of the product in a direction that you desire.  We describe how each option will alter the performance of your Thrasher Jet Boat in each option description.  It is important to note that the reason that these options are not included as standard on Thrasher is because we feel that there is a tradeoff when running these options.  We recommend running your Thrasher without any options so that you can gain a better understanding of what your Thrasher can do and therefore be in a better position to determine if any of these options will align your Thrasher better with your interest.  Please read the description of each option closely and understand the advantages and tradeoffs before purchasing.  Reach out to us if you have any questions.