Fixed Cavitation Plate - Starboard Side

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These fixed cavitation plates are a game changer! Cavitation plates allow Thrasher’s hull to plane out faster and hold on plane at full throttle. Where adjustable jet trim changes the attitude of Thrasher's hull as a function of thrust; cavitation plates change the attitude of Thrasher's hull as a function of hull speed.  Fixed cavitation plates allow you to adjust your jet trim higher to force the jet intake into the water with greater force, reducing porpoising and cavitation.  These cavitation plates coupled with our adjustable jet trim produce unprecedented handling!  These are a must have; once you run them, you will not want to go back! Compatible with Thrasher V3 and Thrasher 27.  This is for the starboard side cavitation plate only.  See the fixed cavitation plates - installation kit if your Thrasher does not yet have cavitation plates installed.