Thrasher 27" Jet Boat Ride Plate - River 1

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The original V3 Jet Boat ride plate (also fits V3).  Designed for river use; this ride plate gives your Thrasher hull a light attitude in the water allowing it to lift up on top of the currents, rapids, and shoots.  This ride plate will porpoise on a full speed plane on flat water; a condition that is not of concern in heavy rapids.



The advantage of this ride plate is really one of personal preference and likely only for very niche applications.  This ride plate really makes the bow of the boat very light, especially when used with the adjustable trim nozzle.  If a very light bow and a hull that is prone to leaping out of the water under a quick "brap" of the throttle is what you are after, then this ride plate will put a smile on your face.



The tradoff of this ride plate is that it will introduce porpoising when on plane.  It is not a good ride plate for high speed flat planing on smooth water.  It will porpoise in nearly all conditions; this cannot be trimmed out with the adjustable trim nozzle.